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In Atlanta Georgia, a person can be allowed by the courts to get out of jail with the help of bail bonds. A person with a bail is allowed to be released from the jail until his/her case is decided finally. In this write-up you will get brief information about Atlanta Georgia bail bonds including Cobb county, Dekalb county and Fulton county.

Atlanta bail bonds are the last option for a person in prison who is neither financial strong enough to pay his bail amount nor he has any other person above 18 years of age to pay his bail amount to post his bail. In such condition he can avail the services of bondsman. These bondsmen are the agents who act as security for the person to be released from jail to assure the courts that the accused will show up at the court proceeding and will not run away. They offer their services even when insurance companies deny to support their policyholders with such risky investments. Insurance companies only verify the Atlanta Georgia bail bonds for bondman. So the criminals who have committed crimes in and around the state of Georgia including Cobb County, Fulton County and Dekalb County, are the clients of the bondsman.

Atlanta Bail Bonding

The history of Atlanta Georgia bail bonds starts from 1898 when Peter and Tom McDough founded the system of bail bonding. Some of the historians are of the view that this type of security system was popular in ancient Iraq where people used their sheep as their surety to get out of jail and appear in the courts for further proceedings. In the system introduced by Tom and Peter the person in jail pays a percentage of the bail amount in cash to the bondsman who keeps it as surety for his appearance in the court. The accused has to pay the fee of the agent of his bail bonds even if the defendant wins the case or the case is rejected by the court. The bondsman or the security organisation can take legal action against his defendant to save the interests of the bondsman if he denies paying his fee but they cannot put him in jail. On the other hand the criminal should also be careful if he denies paying the fee of bondsman as a criminal accusation against him can be recorded later on in the office of City or District Attorney.

Moreover different bail bonds laws are applicable in different states of United States and every state issues license to the bondsman for carrying on bail bonding business within the state. All the agreements of the bail bonds in Atlanta Georgia including Cobb County, Fulton County and Dekalb County, confirmed by the bondsman through department of insurance Georgia, are usually lengthy. The Atlanta bondsman charges 10% fee for bail bonds for the accused with state level charges and 15% for federal level charges. Several courts in United States have started to accept 10% of the amount of bail bond in cash. So the states like Georgia , where 10% was charged earlier, have started returning the deposit, if the accused do not violate the terms and conditions of the bail bonds till the final decision of his case.

Cobb, Fulton, Dekalb County Bail Bonding

The defendants can also offer their assets as security to the bondsman if the amount of their Atlanta Georgia bail bond is more than $100,000, if they do not have enough finances for this purpose. The agents put their asset as collateral to support the release of defendant. For instance if you own a yacht and have to pay $10,000 against your bail bond of $100,000 then bondsman can take your yacht as collateral if you cannot offer this amount in cash. This practice is followed in the entire Georgia state including Cobb County, Fulton County and Dekalb County.

The court of Atlanta Georgia has empowered the bondsman to bring back the defendant to the court to recover his fee to be paid by the defendant under the agreement of the bail bonds if the defendant fails violates the terms and conditions of the bail agreement by running away from appearing in the court for the proceedings of the case. This practice is also applicable on Fulton County, Dekalb County and Cobb County bail bonds.

Thus Atlanta Georgia bail bonds allow an accused through a bondsman to get rid of jail if he does not run from appearing for the proceedings of the case until its final decision.

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